Express Your Unique Personality With Stunning Green Wigs

Discover incredible-looking human hair green wigs from and give yourself a new look.

Discover Your Perfect Green Wig

When you are looking to create a fresh look, choose a shade of stylish green with our amazing green-colored wigs. Whether you are into cosplay or simply keen to alter your appearance and style with a new look, our 100% pure human hair green wigs are perfect for you.

Our green wigs are available in a range of different shades, including teal, turquoise, aqua, and more. Shop our collection today and choose the right wig for your unique personality.

Want to make a statement in your next event without a long-term commitment? Green wigs are a good idea when seeking a bold statement-making. It is a playful and fun accessory to transform your appearance.

Our collection of green wigs features a variety of shades to enhance and offer you versatility when choosing your next function’s outfit. Whether attending a classical costume party, Cosplay gathering or Halloween, you will find the perfect shade and style for your purpose.

Enjoy an unlimited green shade variety

The green shades provide an excellent and vibrant choice to tweak your look. Enhance your appearance without hurting your natural hair. Whether dressing up for an official party or dressing down to make an impression, a green wig will always make you catch everyone’s attention and become noticeable

The WigShopStop collection of green wigs is made of high-quality synthetic fiber and/or human hair to meet your preference and budget. The wigs are comfortable to wear, lightweight, and easy to maintain. Your wig will remain in shape and color even after several wears, thanks to quality dying and synthetic fiber selection. 

We have a variety of green wigs of various styles, lengths, and shades to help you pick your style. From bright lime green to deep forest green, we have a hue to match every skin tone and style preference.

Whether you want to keep things simple or bold, you will find your perfect style. Our collection features straight wigs to meet your simple needs. We have curls and loose waves green wigs for ladies seeking to make a bold statement.

Green wigs for all-purpose

WigShopStop wigs are perfect for all purposes. We offer an unlimited choice for professional, extension, cosplay, fancy dress, medical reasons, style change, or confidence boost use. Find a wig to meet your size needs. Whether you love long and beautiful, short and bold, or a medium confidence green wig, you will find one in our collection.  

Our collection includes classic long straight wigs, curly afro wigs, and short bob wigs. Each wig is designed to mimic the feel and look of real hair to offer you a natural and comfortable fit. We only source our wigs from reputable brands in the US, and green ones are not the exception. You will take home a hairpiece that will serve you for months without fading, losing its color or shape.  

Enjoy premium quality and softness even in a synthetic wig

Our synthetic green wigs are products of premium synthetic fiber that guarantee exceptional softness. They are heat resistant up to 400F. Each wig features a breathable cap and adjustable straps to enhance your comfort. They are a perfect choice that will fit your daily wear needs without any challenges. 

Human Hair Green Wigs You Will Love

We're confident that you will love our quality-made, pure human hair wigs. Choose your new green wig at

Shop your desired green wig at a savings

At WigShopStop, we guarantee you quality at affordable prices. Browse through our collection of green wigs and select your preferred style and size. Each wig comes with a personalized savings. Navigate through various brands on our list and find a wig that fits your budget. You will enjoy free shipping for all US purchases and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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