At WigShopStop, we understand that finding a perfect wig color can fullfil all your different looks and moods you want to acheive. Our collection of wigs by color features synthetic and human hair wigs designed to deliver your taste in color.

Our wig colors range from classic natural shades like blonde, brunette, and black to more unique and trendy colors like pink, blue, and purple. You will find a perfect color to match your taste and preference. We are home to top designers such as Raquel Welch, Ellen Wille, Jon Renau, and Noriko, which offer premium quality colored wigs.

Black wigs  

Black is the natural hair color and will always make a stunning look. Our black wig collection features the best brands and quality to meet your needs. Whether you want to be the night queen or native princess, our selection of black long wigs will fit your needs.

Perfect your short hairstyles with our wide range of short black wigs. If you long for class and grace, you can fulfill your thirst with one of our black wigs and be trendy. Browse through our black hair selection and find your match.

Blonde wigs

A blonde wig will always come in handy when fun is your thing. Our blonde collection offers exceptional shades and options to meet your personalized needs. We have an option for every person and season, ranging from dark sand blonde hues to platinum blonde.

Each wig is from a reputable supplier and designed to match your style and skin tone. Stand out and lock in style from our trendy blonde wigs that match your preference and complete your outfit.

Brown wigs

Brown wigs are the bridge when you want a hairstyle fit for day and night. These wigs match all skin tones and will offer you a perfect shine. At WigShopStop, we want to make this dream a reality. We have an unlimited brown shade selection from Amore, Noriko, and other leading brands.

Our brown shades range from dark brunette and cappuccino hues to mocha shades. You will find the right brown hair wig within your budget. Browse our endless brown collection of human and synthetic hair wigs for your preferred shape and style. 

Auburn wigs

Do you have a medium or fair skin tone and wonder what wig color to select? Auburn wigs are the answer. Our Auburn collection offers unlimited choices to match your style and personality.

From burnt chili shades, and darker auburn mixes to cinnamon colors, you will find a perfect auburn option fit for your needs. Gain confidence with auburn wigs throughout the year and enjoy versatile hairstyles without a long-term commitment.

Red wigs

Be bold by picking a red wig as your preference. Our wig by color collection brings you endless red shades and hues to enhance a striking and exclusive appearance. Check through our selection and find the best option for your skin tone and style.

Pick your wig color and enjoy discounts

Browse our unlimited wigs by color collection and find your match. Shop on our online store and enjoy exclusive discounts and offers.

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