Why Are Human Hair Wigs More Expensive

There's a huge misconception that wigs are expensive because the demand is high, and people will pay whatever price to get a good wig. Nothing is further from the truth regarding wigs made with human hair.

Why are human hair wigs more expensive? There are several reasons. 

The price of a human hair wig is determined by the quality of the hair used to make it. Unlike synthetic hair, produced on demand, human hair wigs are more intense.

For these reasons alone, you can answer the question, "Why are wigs so expensive when made from human hair?" Yet, we won't stop here. 

Continue to read our guide to see, "Are wigs expensive?" Or do hair options determine the price?

Why Are Human Hair Wigs More Expensive?

Human hair is grown over a long period and requires donors. Women choose to sell their hair on the market for various reasons. Making one human hair wig also takes two to three hair donors.

Therefore, it's in a much shorter supply than regular synthetic hair.

The wig is made of the finest natural hair. The quality of the strands determines the cost of the hair.

The donor must have long, healthy hair that's not greying or damaged. Also, they must properly maintain and cut their hair. This will allow the roots to remain at the same height.

There is a process that the hair undergoes once donated. The donated hair is chemically treated to clean and color it for future use.  

Disinfecting the Hair

An expensive wig is one that the wig maker has taken every precaution to craft for buyers.

The natural strands undergo a disinfection process to ensure the hair is healthy and free of dandruff or other problems. There is also a removal process to rid the wig of germs and parasites before the wig is created.

Natural hair has distinct odors, which is another reason for the disinfection process. Women seeking quality hair options want to wear their human hair wigs confidently.

Paying for an expensive wig comes with the expectation that the manufacturer has followed industry standards.

The Complexity of Designing Human Hair Wigs

Complex wig design is another answer to the question, "Why are human hair wigs more expensive?"

Making natural strand wigs is often tricky because it involves creating individual knots in the hair to secure it to the base of the cap. Making a top-notch, expensive wig takes a professional over 40 hours.

The hair density should contain one and a half times that of a normal head of hair. The additional hair makes the wig look fuller when mimicking today's hair trends

A special technique is used to create how wigmakers knot the individual strands. The process is even more difficult when factoring in various hair options.

Hairstyle trends call for human hair wigs with highlights, specific hair colors, and varying lengths and cuts. There's different craftsmanship to create each type of wig.

Types of Hair Options for Expensive Wigs

As with any popular product, there are tier levels. The beauty industry has created a price range for cheap, moderate, and expensive wigs. Hairstyle trends include hair lengths from short bobs to waist lengths.

You can also purchase clip-on hair, hair extensions, half-wigs, and full-wigs. Wigs also have color charts to fit consumers' demands and provide every imaginable hair choice.

When it comes to human hair, women have the following hair options.

Remy Hair

If someone asks if your hair is Remy hair, they are trying to determine if you're wearing an expensive wig.

Remy hair is often referred to as the gold standard for human hair. The hair was collected with hair cuticles along the same direction at the time of hair collection. Hair cuticles are left intact during hair collection for the most natural appearance and feel. It is the priciest human hair option.

Standard Human Hair

Standard human hair is the next level of quality hair that goes into making expensive wigs. It undergoes lots of processing before it's approved for use in a wig. The hair cuticles are also left intact when the hair is collected, so it still looks and feels natural.

It's a popular human hair option because it replicates Remy hair but costs less.

Blended Hair Options

If you're struggling with why wigs are so expensive, a human hair and synthetic hair blend is a better option. 

This type of wig is made from a mixture of human and manufactured hair. It is less expensive than a full human hair wig, but you won't get the same level of quality.

Blended wigs have pros and cons. For example, they are less expensive. Although they hold their style, they don't last as long as a full human hair wig. 

Low-Cost Wigs

Synthetic hair is low-quality hair used to make fashion wigs. These wigs are often found at much cheaper prices than traditional human hair wigs. However, they do not offer the same advantages.

There is a noticeable difference between an expensive wig and a synthetic wig. They are over-processed and don't always feel like "real hair."

If you go with a synthetic wig, choose a more expensive wig with better craftsmanship. 

More Realistic Hairstyles

You can heat style your human hair wigs in various ways, like straightening, curling, or other hairstyle trends. As with natural hair, these wigs require regular maintenance to maintain their style.

Human hair wigs require slightly more upkeep than synthetic hair. Care is essential to ensure that the locks remain sleek and beautiful. Apply hair oils and treatments to the hair to maintain hydration, just as you would use on your hair.

Are You Ready to Splurge?

Did we answer the question, "Why are human hair wigs more expensive?"

As you can see, there are hair options for every budget. If you're looking for a day-to-day hair option, it's best to go with an expensive wig made of human hair.

It's time to splurge. Check out our human hair wig collection