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Unveil Your Timeless Beauty with Human Virgin Hair Topper - Short Hair Topper - High Quality

Color: Brown

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Introducing our 10" Fully Hand Made Human Virgin Hair Topper, designed to enhance your natural beauty with its impeccable craftsmanship and high-quality materials. This topper is meticulously created using mannequin and ghost mannequin styles, providing a seamless blend that mimics the look of your own hair.

Crafted from premium virgin hair, our topper boasts a luxurious texture and straight hair type that exudes elegance. The virgin hair ensures that you experience no shedding or breakage, allowing you to enjoy long-lasting, flawless locks. With a density of 150%, this topper adds the perfect amount of volume and thickness to your existing hair.

Our topper is carefully handcrafted using traditional methods, ensuring attention to detail and precision in every stitch. This meticulous process guarantees a top-quality product that meets the highest standards. The result is a topper that looks incredibly natural and seamlessly integrates with your own hair.

Taking care of your hair and maintaining the longevity of your topper is essential. Here are some tips to keep your locks looking their best: start by using a sulfate-free shampoo to gently cleanse your hair. Follow it up with a detangler conditioner and a proper brush, starting from the ends and working your way up. Sectioning your hair can make the process easier and prevent knots.

Regular deep conditioning, at least once a month, will nourish and revitalize your locks, keeping them healthy and vibrant. Additionally, if you prefer natural hairstyles, consider twisting, braiding, or putting your hair in a ponytail. For relaxed hair, wrapping or ponytailing is recommended. To preserve moisture, protect your hair overnight by using a silk scarf, bonnet, or satin pillowcase.

Remember to show your scalp some care as well, as it plays a vital role in maintaining healthy hair. Minimize the use of hot tools and always apply heat protectants before styling. Lastly, treat your topper with gentleness. Although the knots are tightly secured, being delicate while brushing and styling will ensure its longevity and prevent breakage.

This imported topper measures 10" in length, while the lace size is 9*14 inches. The pieces measure 1.25 inches, providing versatility in styling and achieving your desired look.

Elevate your hair game with our 10" Fully Hand Made Human Virgin Hair Topper, meticulously crafted to enhance your natural beauty and provide a seamless, flawless finish. Experience the luxurious feel and longevity of this top-quality product, and enjoy the confidence of effortlessly stunning hair every day.





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